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Frequently asked questions about Accurate Medical Billing

I don't want to loose control of my billing.
The fear associated with out-sourcing your billing and collection responsibilities can be nullified.

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Decades of medical coding and billing experience and the latest in technological innovations give physicians and practice managers the peace of mind they seek from an outsourcing associate.

Accurate Medical Coding and Billing (AMCB) was formed for the purpose of bringing together a team of individuals with a wide range of talents and experience to provide medical coding, account receivable management and practice information management solutions to the medical community.
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With extensive medical coding, billing and administrative experience, ACBM provides clients with a comprehensive variety of services and a customized set of solutions all with the goal of helping our clients:

Maximize Reimbursement and maintain the most efficient, cost effective organization
Our Coding and Billing Services:

  • Compliant and always current with the latest regulatory changes
  • Technologically advanced coding and billing software
  • Speed and Accuracy, maximum allowable reimbursement in a minimum of time with payment in 30 days or less on most claims
  • Decades of dedicated coding and billing experience
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Accurate Medical Billing is not your traditional billing company. Here's why: Accessibility - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, anywhere in the world through your Internet browser. Valuable Control - Evaluate all claim management and collection activities performed by our staff at Accurate Medical Billing.